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Acerca del centro educativo

Kindai University was established in 1949 with the goal of developing graduates that are “caring, trustworthy and respectable”. Our founding principles are “learning for the real world” and “nurturing ... Leer más

Kindai University was established in 1949 with the goal of developing graduates that are “caring, trustworthy and respectable”. Our founding principles are “learning for the real world” and “nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence”. The university was formed from the amalgamation of Osaka Technical College, founded in 1925, and Osaka Science and Engineering University, which was established in 1943. Our founder, Koichi Seko’s philosophy “instilling teachings in those that yearn to learn” is at our core, and we aim to nurture students into people that contribute to society, drawing on their teachings and research performed while at our university – in a wide range of fields from medicine to arts and literature, and even by correspondence learning. The world is currently undergoing a period of major transformation. Japan must be a first mover, making Society 5.0 a reality by implementing the technological innovations of Industry 4.0 into all walks of life and industries, solving a variety of societal issues. We must develop innovative technologies, utilizing artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things in many different fields to encourage economic and social progression. Kindai University undertakes numerous industry-academia collaboration projects; students and teaching staff come together to combine expert knowledge and skills across fields – an example of our “learning for the real world”. Kindai University is responding to globalization by establishing our Faculty of International Studies. We have partnership agreements with 250+ overseas universities, and our number of exchange students on campus is increasing. As well as student exchange programs, we will promote collaborative research with overseas institutions, and as a world-class university, we will further improve our facilities to develop an educational and research environment that attracts teaching staff and students from overseas. With a view towards the centennial anniversary of the establishment of Kindai University in 2025, we are carrying out our large-scale construction projects at the main Campus in East Osaka. Our new academic hub “ACADEMIC THEATER”, which opened in April 2017, features facilities that go against conventional wisdom - housing a distinctive Biblio-theater with approximately 70,000 books including about 22,000 comics, and multiple 24-hour fully-equipped self-study rooms, including designed to cater only to women. Into the future, we will continue to stay true to our founding principles, as we create an even better environment for learning and conducting research - and all of our staff will do their best to ensure the diverse potential of students is reached. Leer menos
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